The Sentinel Intelligent Bung

A System Description

The Sentinel Intelligent Bolt–What Is It?

The iBung is a new style of bung that eliminates typical problems with traditional bungs. Its designed to be inserted from the inside of the mill, can be knocked out using a liner bolt removal tool, and is re-useable.

Elimination of Safety Risks

The removal of bungs from a mill presents a significant safety issue.

Bungs are not designed with removal in mind, and consequently require the use of a screw driver and hammer for removal, which can result in injury to the worker and the destruction of the bung itself.

iBungs are designed to be knocked in along with the liners using a liner bolt removal tool, thereby eliminating the current unsafe work practices of bung removal.

Faster Relines

Because the iBungs are inserted from the inside, this enables the reline crew to knock in the iBung and liner simultaneously.

This removes the need for a separate action to remove standard bungs, and consequently speeds up the reline.