The Kaltech Sentinel System

The Safest and Most Efficient Tool for Providing Internal Mill Conditions and Real Time Information

The Kaltech Sentinel System–Your Eyes Within the Mill

The Kaltech Sentinel is the safest and most efficient tool for capturing internal mill conditions through the use of empirical data and live observation. As a custom designed and engineered mill monitoring system, the Kaltech Sentinel is permanently installed to enable remote viewing and monitoring of the condition and wear of mill liners. It consists of two main components: the Sentinel Camera Unit (SCU) and the Electronic Bolts (eBolts).

By combining imaging technology with liner wear-monitoring hardware, the Sentinel system reveals live information from within a mill without the need to pull the feed chute or have personnel enter inside.

Viewing and recording live imagery of a running mill, measuring the wear of a liner, assessing the internal conditions, and checking or setting the charge level, are all now possible in real time without the need to isolate any plant or equipment.  Access to this information presents new opportunities for improving operational metrics, reducing running costs, and provides a detailed empirical basis for liner-life prediction and maintenance planning.

Benefits of the Kaltech Sentinel System

Improved Mill Availability

Reduced and/or Eliminated Safety Risks

Live Monitoring of Mill and Wear

Enhanced Troubleshooting of Mill Problems

Features of the Kaltech Sentinel System

Automatic Data Capture


Video During Mill Stop

Continuous Temperature

Continuous Liner Wear

Continuous Mill Speed

Continuous Audio

Compare and Analyze Data


Current and Historical Mill Conditions

Temperature Trends

Liner Wear Rates

Performance of Different Liner Designs

Liner Life Prediction

Influence of Mill Speed

Alarms and Notifications


Camera Record Notification

Temperature Variation Alarm

Liner Wear Point Notification

Final Liner Wear Point Alarm

System Healthy Alarm

Secure User Interface


Individual User Log-In

Multiple User Access Levels

Touch Screen Access

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