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The Kaltech Sentinel System

The safest and most efficient system for capturing internal mill conditions

Sentinel Camera Unit

A Sentinel Camera Unit (SCU) uses the latest technology in high-definition imagery within a custom designed housing, permanently affixed to the feed chute to provide a live audio in a running SAG mill and video feed from inside a stationary SAG mill.

The eBolt

The electronic bolt (eBolt) is a wear indicator bolt which communicates directly with the Kaltech Sentinel software. This provides live remote monitoring of the thickness of liners in both SAG and Ball mills.

Intelligent Bolts

The Intelligent Bolt is a wear indicator bolt that provides mill operators with a direct measure of how the liners are wearing via an indicator light on the outside of the mill. When triggered by wear at a singular pre-set point, a LED set into the end of the Intelligent Bolt will flash for up to 48 hours.

An Overview of the Kaltech Sentinel System

The Kaltech Sentinel is the safest and most efficient tool for capturing internal mill conditions through the use of empirical data and live observation.


As a custom designed and engineered mill monitoring system, the Kaltech Sentinel is permanently installed to enable remote viewing and monitoring of the condition and wear of mill liners. It consists of two main components: the Sentinel Camera Unit (SCU) and the Electronic Bolts (eBolts).


REAL TIME INFO: The Sentinel system reveals live information from within a mill without the need to pull the feed chute, have personnel enter inside and eliminates the need to isolate any plant or equipment. Access to this information presents new opportunities for improving operational metrics, reducing running costs, and provides a detailed empirical basis for liner-life prediction and maintenance planning.


Benefits of the Sentinel System Include: 1) Improved Mill Availability, 2) Reduction and/or Elimination of Safety Risks, 3) Live Monitoring of Wear and Mill Operation and 4) Enhanced Capability to Troubleshoot Mill Problems.

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About Us, Kaltech Sentinel and Kaltech Global

Kaltech Sentinel is a proud member and sister company of the global leader in Mill Relining Services for Mining Operations. While Kaltech Global continues to do its stellar work in the safe, efficient and timely mill relines our job, at Sentinel, is to provided innovative solutions and products to the milling process.

Our initial line of products is aimed at solving the production and safety issues involved in ongoing inspections of a mill for wear and for troubleshooting issues. Each and every time a mill is taken off-line for inspection means enormous costs in terms of lost production and income as well as the added risks to maintenance personnel.

The ability to see inside an operating mill and the gathering of effective information regarding functionality and wear provides significant returns from both production increases and maintenance efficiency.

Best of all, our technical advances and innovative products are born from a deep and successful background in providing mill relining services across the globe. For close to two decades, Kaltech has worked on hundreds of mills in dozens of countries, adding up to thousands of safely completed mill relines.

Kaltech IS the recognized world leader and expert in the mill relining sector of mining services No small part of Kaltech’s success is their meticulous process of documenting EVERY mill reline so that we have full knowledge going into any new mill reline of what the issues or problems may be.

This vast reservoir of information has been invaluable in the development of innovative solutions to the most pressing problems that a milling operation faces. WE KNOW THE PROBLEMS and so are able to provide solutions that are not only needed but that work.

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